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No matter what your fitness level or experience we’ve got classes to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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With over 20 classes offered each week, we’ve got a class time and option that fits every schedule! See what we have to offer.

The Tri-Cities hottest group fitness classes

Chances are good your workouts at the gym are stale and boring. Our classes are proven to make your workouts more fun, more efficient, and overall just plain good which gets you quicker results. You’ll learn proper form and technique while learning exciting new exercises. You’ll work alongside like-minded fitness fiends who will keep you coming back for more. Our class variety will hit all your fitness goals with inspiring music that makes the hour whizz by. Group fitness gives you the motivation you need to keep moving!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African Proverb

Our Studio

Our beautiful 2,500 sq/ft studio in Johnson City is located in the Peerless Shoppes on Roan Street and faces the Holiday Inn on Springbrook Drive. Our fitness floor, built over soft rubber pads, is designed specifically to help keep your joints healthy and your workouts safe.

  • Conveniently located just off I-26
  • Clean, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere
  • Exhale Kids – kid’s program while you work out
  • Payment options for everyone

About Us

We are the Tri-Cities premiere group fitness studio. We specialize in group fitness because we believe in it, its effectiveness, its social camaraderie, its highly motivational engagement, and the energy it creates in the classroom. We are the area leader in fitness education and exciting new class options. We consistently add the newest, freshest program types keeping our workouts fun, effective, and safe.

If you’re a group fitness junkie, you’ll love this place. Group fitness isn’t a side note for us like it is at most gyms. We keep our classes fresh, cause leotards are a thing of the past. Not a group fitness junkie yet? You will be soon! Sign up for classes this week.

  • Highly qualified, experienced instructors

    We have one of the most qualified teams of group fitness instructors in the area, who are fully licensed & certified, CPR certified, experienced, and motivational.

  • Comfortable Environment

    Our classes ooze motivation in a friendly comfortable atmosphere, no high pressure salesmen, no meat market glares, and no waiting in line for machines.

  • What’s your goal

    We get to know our customers and help them achieve their fitness goals. Most gyms don’t want their members to show up, if they did, there wouldn’t be room for them all. But not us, we want to see you in class doing amazing things!

What others say about us

Stephanie Curde

Exhale Fitness Studio was a wonderful discovery for me. I love group fitness classes but didn’t want to pay for a gym membership that would just offer one or two classes that I liked. I was online looking for a group class to try and that’s when I found Exhale fitness Studio “coming soon”. I had a feeling this is what I needed, what I had been looking for. I went to my first Piloxing class, and was hooked! My thighs were burning but it didn’t matter; it was so much fun! I have been working out at Exhale since it opened. Exhale Fitness Studio has changed my over 40 life to strong and fit, or as we say in Piloxing, sleek, sexy and powerful. Thanks to Christin and all the awesome instructors at Exhale.

Stephanie Curde
Casey Cipoletti

After my first few classes at Exhale, I was hooked! The varied types of classes offered (that are mostly exclusive to our region!), combined with the ease of fitting them into my schedule are great; not to mention the positive encouragement I receive from Christin, the instructors and everyone else I’ve met motivates me to give 110% every time. The unique classes are unlike anything I’ve ever tried before—and they work! It’s such a positive atmosphere, and going to Exhale and working out is something I look forward to every day! Needless to say, it didn’t take very long to become a member, which is totally affordable and so WORTH it! My muscles are thanking me!

Casey Cipoletti
Krista Finnimore

I had been an avid runner for years. But I recently broke my right foot followed by my left foot and after bone scans, seeing an orthopedic and multiple physical therapists no one knew what had caused either break. Timid to get back into running I was looking for a way to get back in shape and keep myself active without injury. I found that something in Exhale Fitness Studio. I started trying a class here and there and now I am there 4-5 days a week. The atmosphere at Exhale is welcoming and positive and the instructors are encouraging and always willing to help. More importantly, with barefoot training in classes like Piloxing and Ballet Fusion my feet are stronger than ever. And it isn’t just my feet, I feel stronger and more powerful than I ever have. I am so happy that I found Exhale Fitness it is a unique studio that is like nothing else in the Tri-Cities area!

Krista Finnimore
Beth Page

The diversity of classes is perfect for me, I never get bored! As a former runner, the muscle confusion from the various workouts has given me more strength and muscle tone than I ever could have gotten from just running, or the same tired old workouts. I’ve seen such positive changes in my body and my mind. I’ve made so many friends there, there’s always encouragement, and it becomes fun to work out. Plus, with the variety of times, you can always find a class to meet your schedule. I find I’m more committed to working out, cause when you schedule a class, you just do it, because it’s already planned as part of your day. As a full-time working baseball mom of two boys, there’s very little time for myself, and working out at Exhale is my time to take care of me.

Beth Page